FRELP CONFERENCE: A recovery process for all usefull materials from end-of-life PV panels

Sasil S.p.A. (Brusnengo), with SSV – Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro (Murano)  and PV Cycle (Brussels), have the honor to invite all interested to the conference: ‘A RECOVERY PROCESS FOR ALL USEFULL MATERIALS FROM END-OF-LIFE PV PANELS’, to be held September 25 in Curino (Biella, Italy).

The FRELP – Full Recovery End of Life Photovoltaic project (LIFE12 ENV/IT/000904) aims to test and develop innovative technologies for recycling 92% by weight of the components of the photovoltaic panels in an economically viable way. By doing so it aims to contribute to limitation of the disposal problems to be faced in forthcoming years.

Two main environmental solutions are proposed:

  • the recovery of high quality extra clear glass, to be used in the hollow and flat glass industry, thus implying very significant energy and CO2 emission savings in the glass melting process;
  • the recovery of (metallic) silicon, to be used as ferrosilicon in iron silicon alloys, thus greatly reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions associated with the production of primary silicon.

Partners actually completed the detailed assessment of technologies to be applied in the various phases of the recovery process and the design of the various components. During the conference they wish to share their findings with stakeholders prior to the forthcoming construction of the pilot plant.

Here you can download the conference program.

When: 25 september 2015

Where: Laghetto Gabella, Curino (Biella, Italy)  – map

Info & registrations:

Vera Ramon
Sasil S.p.A.
tel. 015-985261
cell. 349-7942009